Tenant's Energy Review

A tool for tenants to measure their energy use from direct supplies

Following on from the successful development and introduction of landlord's energy statements (LES), the British Property Federation (BPF) applied to the Carbon Trust for funding to develop a tenant's energy review (TER).

The TER allows tenants to assemble information on the energy and emissions attributable to the energy they purchase directly; it also records 'stress factors' (such as high densities of occupation, long hours and intensive energy use, like dealing rooms and data centres).  The collected data on stress factors is used to automatically generate an energy savings report which can be used to make improvements to energy use in the tenant's demise from direct supplies.

The TER project was developed by the BPF, the British Council for Offices,  Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers and the Usable Buildings Trust. 

Click here to download the TER workbook.

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