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LES-TER is an industry initiative led by the British Property Federation, with technical assistance from the Usable Buildings Trust and financial support from the Carbon Trust. 

It is a set of tools and a process designed to enable landlords and tenants to measure, understand and reduce their emissions from their ownership and occupancy of commercial buildings. 

Both LES and TER are recognised by Government guidance as an appropriate methodology for the data collection requirements of Display Energy Certificates under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, while providing greater insights into buildings' energy efficiency. 

The introduction of the Carbon Reduction Commitment in 2010 will require most large organisations to report their overall annual CO2 emissions, whilst also providing an incentive to improve year on year performance.  Due to the nomination of the holder of the energy supply contract as the responsible CRC participant, many landlords will become responsible for their tenants' emissions.  The LES-TER approach will provide a useful mechanism to help improve year on year performance for landlords and tenants affected by the Scheme.

Use of the LES and TER is free; all you need to do is register your details and you will be able to download the workbooks and guidance.

Relevant articles

  Old Buildings, New Futures [2008-10-09]
A seminar series taking place in London, Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham during October/November will explore how existing buildings can be improved from an energy efficiency perspective. At current rates of replacement, we will still have the majority of the buildings standing today in 50 years time. So how can their energy performance be improved?

  New LES and TER Now Uploaded [2008-10-09]
The New LES and TER have now been uploaded and are ready to be used. Register to this website to download.

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