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Integrating les-ter with display energy certificates

Between June 2007 and October 2008 all buildings that are constructed, sold, rented or are occupied by the public sector will require an energy certificate under article 7 of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

The certificates will show how energy efficient a building is, and how much carbon dioxide it emits into the atmosphere. Like the stickers found on new washing machines and fridges, the certificates will include an energy rating from A to G - A being the best, G the worst.

There will be two main forms of certificate:

1. Energy performance certificates (EPCs), required when buildings are constructed, sold or rented out, based on calculated energy use and carbon dioxide emissions (called 'asset ratings') and valid for ten years

2. Display energy certificates (DECs) in large buildings occupied by public authorities and certain public institutions, based on actual annual energy use ('operational ratings') and renewed annually.

The landlord's energy statement is based on actual energy use data and provides information that can be fed into DECs. The tenant's energy review, once completed, will provide the energy-use data for the tenant that is required to provide all the information needed to produce a DEC.

Although only a few large public tenants will initially have to display certificates based on actual annual energy use, the Government will soon extend these requirements, with a consultation planned on this issue in the near future. Whatever happens, the LES will ensure that landlords and managing agents are ready and prepared.

The BPF has been working closely with the Government to ensure that DECs take account of the way the property market works in rented buildings.

The official Department for Communities and Local Government website on the directive can be accessed here.

The RICS have published a booklet summarising the key aspects of the EPBD, click here to go to Energy Performance of Buildings Directive: The facts you need to know

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