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The History of LES-TER

In 2005 the British Property Federation (BPF) met with the Usable Buildings Trust (UBT) to discuss how the two organisations could work together.

They decided the way forward was to conduct research that would help BPF members understand how their buildings were performing in terms of energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions.

It was agreed that the outputs should aid members in meeting their requirements under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

It was in July of 2005 that the Carbon Trust announced its first call for applications to its Networks Programme. The BPF and UBT submitted an application entitled Assessment, Benchmarking and Improvement in Office Buildings.

On 1 December 2005 the BPF announced that it had been successful and the 15 month project to develop landlord's energy statements (LES) kicked off a week later.

After much consultation and discussion with BPF members, industry experts and Government officials, LES was launched on 2 May 2007.

The story doesn't end there.  Work is continuing to develop the LES project and to extend its use into other types of buildings.

And, with an extended team including the British Council for Offices and the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers, the BPF has been successful in developing tenant's energy reviews (TER).

The TER, taken together with the LES, will allow a building's total energy-related carbon footprint to be calculated.

For further information please contact the LES-TER team at info@les-ter.org

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